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Drum Circle for Schools, Associations, Events and Companies

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Get involved in the Drum Circle!


Conducting the Facilitated Drum Circle develops Arthur Hull's Village Music Circles Method, accredited and recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), for its high pedagogical and educational value.


The Circle is Union, Sharing and Connection, which we will be able to let enter us thanks to the power of Rhythm and Music! To enjoy in this experience, it is not necessary to know how to play like a musician.


With the Facilitated Drum Circle you will be able to discover your rhythmicity and musicality, thanks to an approach that will allow us to express our hidden rhythmic and musical spirit. The Drum Circle is open to all levels of experience with music... From those who have never played to those who play as a hobby or profession. And it is open to all... Children, Teens and Adults.

This activity can also be aimed at organizations and companies that want to give their employees an experience in which they can get involved and be a team!

Participants experience: Harmony, Self-esteem, Musicality, Rhythmicity, Well-being, Relaxation, Mental Clarity, Socialization, Problem Solving Skills, Friendship, Fun, Sense of Interconnection, Listening, Critical Thinking, Tolerance, Learning, Open-mindedness and Alternative to Antisocial Behaviors and/or related to Addictions.


Our whole daily life is in contact with others... Family, colleagues, workmates, friends, etc... And our days marked by Time... In the Drum Circle you will learn to be aware of your rhythm in connection with that of others.


Come and rejoice, have fun and be amazed in this "Rhythmic Orchestra" where you are the protagonist!


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