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Rhythmic and Sound Textures for your Music Productions

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Are you looking for a percussionist to work with, pleasantly and professionally, able to add percussive and sonic rhythmic lines to your musical productions and compositions? I'm at your disposal! Contact me to find out together what you need to best embellish your Sound!

Equipment available:

Cajon, Mediterranean Frame Drums, Tambourine, Pandeiro, Congas, Bongo, Djembe, Darbouka, Cymbals, Effects, Electronic Pads (Yamaha Dtx Multi 12, Korg Wave Drum, Roland Hand Sonic) and Hybrid Set Percussion


My percussions are recorded according to your specific requests on a song, composition and / or an album.

My percussions are recorded at "Drums Circle" which is a professional structure dedicated to online drum and percussion recording. The session is visible in live streaming.

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