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Davide Roberto

Davide Roberto

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Study of Hand Drumming to be applied on the following instruments:

Cajon, Conga, Bongo, Caxixi, Djembe, Darbouka and on a hybrid percussion set.

Study of Frame Drums such as: Pandeiro, Tamburello and Frame Drums in Arabic Music.

- Rhythmic Awareness

- Ear Training
- First sounds: Bass, Open Tone and Slap
- Hand Drumming
- Study of Rhythmic Styles:
* Afro - Mediterranean
* Latin, Rumba
* Bossa Nova
* Samba, Afro-Samba, Samba Reggae,
Maracatù, Ijexà, Xotè, Xaxado, Baiao, Rastapè
* Reggae
* Drum Rhythms: Pop / Rock, Drum & Bass, Blues, Funk, Jazz
* Use of Brushes on the Cajon
* Rhythms with Odd Times
* Independence with Shaker, Caxixi 

* Hybrid set

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