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Come and discover the sounds of Tamburello and Tammorra.

The "Sun Rattles" with which to travel in the Popular Musical Traditions of Central Southern Italy.

Rhythmic Awareness and Ear Training.

Distinction between binary and ternary rhythm.

Posture for Tamburello and Tammorra.

Basic rhythmic settings.

Traditional Tamburello

PUGLIA: Rhythmic style in the Pizzica of Alto and Basso Salento; rhythmic style in Gargano.

LUCANIA: Rhythmic style in Tricarico, Avigliano and Pollino.

CAMPANIA: Rhythmic styles linked to the Tammurriata; rhythmic style in Tarantella di Montemarano.​

CALABRIA: Rhythmic styles from Pollino to Aspromonte.

SICILY: Messinese style.

LAZIO AND ABRUZZO: Saltarello rhythmic style.

Modern Tamburello

Rhythmic styles musical to use in Latin Music, Mediterranean and Drum rhythmic conception.

The course is aimed at beginners and those  who want to improve their playing techniques.


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