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“Piccoli Suoni” is a musical journey specifically for children aged 0 to 3, together with their dear parents. "Piccoli Suoni" is a special opportunity to stimulate the love of music and sound in your little ones.


🎵 Program

Singing and Movement: Fun songs and dances to involve the little ones and make them move to the rhythm of the music.

Exploring Instruments: Children will have the opportunity to discover a variety of age-appropriate musical instruments, discovering their sound in a playful way.

Musical Stories: We will listen to stories told with music and sounds, which will stimulate their imagination and creativity.

Make Music: Parents will be encouraged to actively participate, helping their little ones create melodies and sounds with simple instruments.

Active and Engaging Listening: This is a type of listening that is active, mutually engaging and participatory, a far cry from the passive listening that children often experience in today's society.

The Power of Silence: Silence represents a precious moment of pause and physical space dedicated to the assimilation and re-elaboration of what has just been heard.

Moments of Sharing: Each meeting will end with a moment of relaxation, in which families can share their experiences and socialize.

🌈 Why Music and the Sound Experience are important:

Language Development: Music helps children develop language and improve communication.

Intellectual Growth: Musical stimulation promotes cognitive development, enhancing memory and problem-solving ability.

Creative Expression: Music offers a unique way to express emotions and thoughts.

Parent-Child Bond: Participating in the event together strengthens the bond between parents and children through shared play.

Socialization: The presence of other parental couples offers the opportunity to share experiences and create new friendships.

Movement and Psychomotricity: Children's bodies are an extraordinary vehicle for spontaneous movement, representing their primary tool for knowledge, research and discovery. By promoting this active movement, we encourage positive psychomotor skills, allowing children to explore the world around them in a healthy and harmonious way.

Voice: The voice is a very valuable tool for children, allowing them to communicate openly with the teacher and other participants. Throughout our activities, we use a wide range of wordless tonal and rhythmic pieces, some short and simple, others more complex. The lack of words in the songs highlights the music, allowing children to focus fully on this wonderful form of expression.


We look forward to welcoming you to "Piccoli Suoni"! Join us to share special moments with your children and discover the magical world of music together. The next musical adventure is just around the corner.


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