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Multipercussion Online 4 h per month

Dettagli del prodotto


The online lessons are carried out on Skype or Zoom with a professional audio and video setup in which you can hear an excellent sound quality of the percussion and take advantage of multiple video camera angles during the video call both simultaneously and by changing shot on request for an optimal vision of the technique to study on the instrument.

Study of Hand Drumming to be applied on Cajon, Conga, Bongo, Caxixi, Darbouka, and on a hybrid percussion set.

Study of Frame Drums such as: Tamburello, Pandeiro and Frame Drums in Arabic Music.

- Rhythmic Awareness

- Ear Training
- Study of the positions for the first sounds: Bass, Open Tone and Slap
- Hand Drumming
- Study of Rhythmic Styles:
* Afro - Mediterranean
* Latin, Rumba
* Bossa Nova
* Samba, Afro-Samba, Samba Reggae,
Maracatù, Ijexà, Xotè, Xaxado, Baiao, Rastapè
* Reggae
* Drums: Pop / Rock, Drum 'n' Bass, Blues, Funk, Jazz
* Use of Brushes on the Cajon
* Rhythms with Odd Times
* Independence with Shaker, Caxixi

* Hybrid set

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